Pain Relief for Sciatica Can Be Found at Synergy Health Partners

If you are dealing with sciatica, then you know how painful the condition be and how it can stop you from living life to the fullest. But, this condition doesn’t have to be a part of your life anymore. We at Synergy Health Partners in Aurora, Thornton, and Denver want you to know that we offer pain relief treatments, like acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, and adjustments, that address sciatica and stop it from returning and causing problems to your life.


An Overview of Sciatica

Sciatica, also known as lumbar radiculopathy, is a health condition that affects about 40% of the population. It refers to the set of symptoms that it causes, such as radiating pain, pins and needle sensations, aggravated pain when sitting or standing up, leg or foot weakness, and numbness, tingling, or burning sensation. 

Pain from sciatica starts with the sciatic nerve root, which is the largest nerve in the human body. This nerve runs from the lower back through the hips and buttocks and branches off to each leg. When the sciatic nerve gets pinched, compressed, or irritated, either by a nearby disc, injury, or something else, sciatica symptoms occur.

Sciatica can happen for a number of reasons, but for the most part, it is due to a herniated disc. A herniated disc can put pressure on the nerve root, which can bring forth one or many of the sciatica symptoms. Even though a herniated disc is typically the culprit, other problems can cause sciatica, such as disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, trauma, auto accidents, sports injuries, and muscle spams.

Pain Relief Treatments for Sciatica from a Chiropractor in Aurora and Thornton and Denver

If you are looking for non-invasive and medication-free methods to treat your sciatica, then seeing our chiropractors in Aurora, Thornton, or Denver is your best option. We are trained and have the equipment to diagnose sciatica as well as have various methods like spinal adjustments, massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, and more to help you alleviate your pain and symptoms of sciatica. After several sessions, you will be able to live a comfortable life free from the pain.

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The symptoms mentioned above can progress and become severe, so to avoid that from happening, it is advisable to seek treatment right away. If you're suffering from sciatica, our chiropractic care team is here to help you get the pain relief you need. Reach out to Synergy Health Partners today at 720-410-5237 (Aurora), 303-630-0400 (Thornton), or 303-927-7119 (Denver) to make an appointment.