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Herinated Discs

Herniated Disc Treatment at Synergy Health Partners in Thornton, Denver and Aurora

It's no secret that an auto accident can wreak havoc on the body in many ways -- including damage to the delicate discs that cushion your vertebrae. A herniated disc can leave you not only with severe neck or back pain but also with odd sensations in the extremities and muscle control problems that affect your ability to function. But don't assume that you have to live with those debilitating symptoms -- because here at Synergy Health Partners, we can treat herniated discs through a variety of safe, effective techniques.

How an Auto Accident Affects Your Vertebral Discs

Your vertebral discs typically absorb a great deal of stress on a regular basis, providing critical shock absorption for the spinal column -- but they're not indestructible. A disc consists of a fibrous outer "container," the annulus fibrosus, that encloses a gelatinous, water-based substance called the nucleus pulposus. If extreme pressures create a breach in the outer layer that allows the inner material to poke out, you have a herniated disc.

While herniated discs may occur naturally as a by-product of chronic misalignment issues and age-related degeneration, they can also be the direct result of a traumatic injury. In the case of an auto accident, the powerful forces transferred from your vehicle to your body can cause your trunk to experience severe twists, bumps or jolts. These impacts place a disc under stresses it simply cannot withstand, producing a herniation. Herniated discs can cause acute pain in the neck or back. They can also cause referred pain and other symptoms by pressing against the nerve roots, inflaming the nerve tissues and interfering with normal nerve signaling. This nerve impingement can cause:

  • Neck or lower back pain
  • Tingling, pain or numbness in a hand, arm, leg or foot
  • Loss of muscle strength and control in the affected extremity

Chiropractic Treatment and Other Answers for Thornton, Aurora and Denver Patients

Synergy Health Partners is proud to offer chiropractic treatment and other forms of herniated disc care for Thornton, Aurora and Denver residents. Our spine specialists can evaluate your condition to pinpoint the exact nature and extent of your disc injury. We will also work with your health and/or auto insurance coverage to help you receive optimal treatment.

Our chiropractor can perform targeted chiropractic adjustments to relieve pressure on the herniated disc, which in turn relieves nerve impingement and neurological symptoms. This conservative approach may allow you to avoid more extreme measures such as spinal surgery. Our chiropractor may also recommend supportive therapeutic techniques such as massage therapy to relieve muscle spasms, acupuncture to relieve your acute pain without resorting to drugs, and physical therapy to help you get weakened muscles back in good working order.

We Can Help You Get Past That Herniated Disc

Don't let a herniated disc dictate your comfort and functionality. Call our Aurora office at (720) 410-5237 or our Thornton office at (303) 630-0400 to schedule an evaluation and treatment at Synergy Health Partners!