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Healthy New Years Resolutions

Healthy Resolutions for the New Year

As 2017 winds to a close, you may be thinking about ways to be healthier in the New Year. With rich foods to overeat, less time for exercise and sleep, and increased stress, the holidays bring challenges and the potential for injury. Consult our chiropractor in Aurora to diagnose and treat your pain.

Man and Woman getting more outdoor time in as their new years resolution.

Write down realistic goals for the New Year. Track your progress in a journal.  If you slip off your plan, it’s never too late to get back on it. Remember:  making even small changes in your diet, weight and fitness levels can benefit your health.

Diet and Exercise

The best diet resolution you can make after the holidays is to reduce or eliminate added sugars and processed foods.   This helps to keep your blood sugar stable and makes it easier to achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

Plan to get 30 minutes or more of aerobic activity at least 5 times a week. Work out with weights at least twice a week.  Also, every little bit of extra movement you can add to your day makes a difference. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, take 5-minute brisk walks, and march in place while watching TV— it all adds up.


New research shows that getting enough sleep—7-8 hours a night—is crucial for good health.  Lack of sleep is linked to disorders like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and depression.  Develop a regular bedtime routine and cut back your computer and TV use at night--their blue light screens disrupt sleep.


Improving your diet, exercise and sleep habits will go a long way toward helping you to cope better with the stress in your life. Add other ways to de-stress to your resolution list, such as meditation, yoga, new hobbies, and de-cluttering your house.

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Another way to have a more healthy life after the holidays is to keep up with doctor visits for your aches and pains before they get worse. Our chiropractor in Aurora, along with our team of doctors, chiropractors, and other specialists, can provide all types of care.

To schedule an appointment with one of our doctors in Aurora, CO, call us at (303) 343-1357.  For our Thornton, CO location, call us at 303-630-0400.