Meet Our Doctors

  • Edvin Manniko, O.D.

    Dr. Manniko brings his optometry expertise to the clinic. He specialized in neuro-optometry and joined the clinic in late 2013. 

  • Georganne Bley, Ph.D.

    Dr. Bley is a clinical neuropsychologist. She performs neuropsychological evaluations and cognitive screens, to help you understand the cognitive difficulties you are experiencing and how you might be able to work around them.. 

  • Dr. Miller, M.D.

    For 9 years, Dr. Miller, M.D. was an Air Force Flight Surgeon and was on assignment in Iraq and five of the seven continents. Dr. Miller started at Synergy Health Partners in 2010. He looks forward to building on his 15 years of clinical practice and bringing patients back to optimal health. 

  • Dr. Shick, D.O.

    Dr. Shick, D.O. has 17 years of professional experience and has traveled to Mexico to provide health care services to an indigenous population. Dr. Shick, D.O. started at Synergy Health Partners in the summer of 2016.